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Selection of (1) our international publications, mostly in English: NPU (below); (2) our Dutch publications: click NPU; (3) other cited publications: click OPU.

International publications    Internationale Publicaties


Most of our publications deal with Vegetation and Ecology. Publications related to ‘Garden and Landscape’, ‘Tuin en Landschap’ are marked with GL, those on ‘Conservation’, ‘Natuurbehoud’, with NC. Of most scientific papers pdf documents are available upon request; these are marked with pdf. In 2014 many more reprints have been digitalized and by November 2014 the number of international pdf reprints has exceeded 100. Several well-known papers from the 1960s to 1980s are now also available. Eddy has joined ResearchGate and most of the pdf reprints are now available through his profile.

EM = E. van der Maarel, MMV = Marijke van der Maarel (M. van der Maarel-Versluys).


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